Strength at Length Flexibility & Mobility Course with Scott Hagnas

Strength at Length Flexibility & Mobility Course with Scott Hagnas

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Strength at Length is a 6-week Flexibility & Mobility training course coming to CrossFit Fort Vancouver in 2022! There will be one coached class with Scott each week (two the first week) and 2 workouts that you’ll do on your own during the week. Athletes will be able to do this training along with their normal workouts.

Strength at Length will take place on Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM from January 27th - March 3rd. Cost is $200.

Do you have persistent mobility issues that don’t seem to improve much, no matter what you’ve tried? Strength at Length is intense range of motion training for strong athletes. Gain strength at your end ranges to finally improve your mobility in a way that lasts and transfers to your life & sport. You’ll feel, perform, and recover better every day!

You DON'T need to already be flexible to do this class! We are going to attack the basics that everyone can benefit from. If you are already pretty flexible, then you'll be able to do the more challenging variations.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:
• We will start with an assessment session to determine starting points and to measure progress by the end of the course.
• Scott will go over his standards in range & strength for the different positions so you have clear targets to shoot for.
• We’ll cover the form and scaling of the exercises in the classes, then roll up our sleeves and get down to work.
• While we’ll train as a group, it’ll be small enough to individualize some parts so you can work on your weaker areas more.
• For coaches and those interested in continuing more of this style work after the class is done, I’ll talk about how to integrate range of strength type work into your program.
• Be forewarned - this style of training is not easy, but it works. We won’t be foam rolling, using a bunch of bands, or doing a lot of relaxed stretches.
• If you like CrossFit, you’ll probably enjoy these workouts also!

Scott Hagnas has been coaching for over 20 years, and is the founder of CrossFit Portland - one of the first 25 CrossFit gyms in the world, back in 2005. Scott was also CrossFit Fort Vancouver owner Adam Neiffer's first ever CrossFit Coach! He later mentored Adam as a coach and provided an opportunity for Adam to begin his own coaching career at CrossFit Portland. Scott and his wife Rochelle even competed on CrossFit Fort Vancouver's first team at the CrossFit Games in 2009. Scott has studied, practiced, and coached flexibility as a specialty, and has been the mobility & strength coach for many athletes, including CrossFit Games athletes, Olympic athletes, X-Games competitors, and many professional dancers, including 11 years as coach for the Oregon Ballet Theatre.

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Event Info:

Strength at Length Flexibility & Mobility Course with Scott Hagnas

Date: Jan. 27, 2022

Location: 223 E. Reserve St. #101, Vancouver WA

Registration: $200.00

Reg Deadline Passed